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"YAR's 2016 concept album "MAKAI" is a trip. 2 string slide bass and baritone sax conjures images of the 90's band Morphine, but YAR takes a more psychedelic approach in their style. Looking forward to see what they do next."          
                                                     - The MetaMag 

Chris Poage: Baritone Saxophone, Accordion 

Sandy Dickerson: Two-string slide Bass, Vocals
Casey Brookbush: Drums, Percussion 


"42" debut album released Oct 13th 2017
"Makai" Demo released Oct 7th 2016

"YAR is BACK! After their first appearance here at High Dive not long ago we received more messages about this band than any other in a very long time from people asking, "Who are these guys? They are insane!" ... and so it goes, they will open the night and frizzle-fry your mind."

                                                                                  - HIGH DIVE SEATTLE

"With a psychedelic sound that borrows from a wide assortment of genres including rock, blues and acid jazz, the groove heavy three-piece crafted a unique sound of their own. The song in the video, “Everything’s Good” rides the thick, smokey bass line and syncopated drum beat like an undulating wave, while the baritone sax is towed closely behind, with plenty of space for the brass to breathe."

                                                                             - Nw music scene